This means I do not have control of fan, sound, temp eyc", "When I turned the car off, the sound system display screen wouldn't go off. Someone had to unlock them using the key and open the door for me from the outside", "drivers side door lock failed & had to be replaced", "Had to replace the trunk lock. had it changed, no more problem", "Engine light came on and repair shop determined that the oxygen sensors needed replacing", "Replaced oxygen sensors after check engine code to pass inspection. Required total replacement of the rear brake system. See all 5 photos. by Honda lover Yes No. have probably had to put $3,500 into this car in the last 18 months i consider that to be a problem since i maintain it very well", "$800 dollar repair necessary. We have 323 2005 Honda Accord vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 151 1-Owner cars, and 583 personal use cars. It turned out that the switch for the windows was bad, and the windows wouldn't always go up and down. I bought my 2005 Honda Accord EX-L brand new in 2005. But the weatherstripping around two of the windows has dried out. After several returns, the power steering pump and hoses had to be completely replace. ", "The radio on the year Honda has 1 big center control knob and now all it does it make a super loud popping sound. the driver side is stuck in the split configuration and blows warmer than the passenger side", "Not able to maintain climate control. Our subscribers provide great insights into their satisfaction by answering one simple question: If they had it to do all over again, would they definitely buy or lease the same model? It was very difficult to find a mechanic who could diagnose it. 13 2005 Honda Accord owners reviewed the 2005 Honda Accord with a rating of 3.8 overall out of 5. Unresolved by mechanics. - Suspension is still too ride-oriented with excessive body roll. Our judgment of how comfortable the front seat is for drivers of various heights. 2005 Honda Accord Top Comparisons. The 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid has 51 problems & defects reported by Accord Hybrid owners. Honda Accord Reliability And Durability: Pros: Year: Comment: 2013: Year after year, the Honda Accord has proved a reliable car. Replaced with aftermarket pump that was too noisy. Saw that rotors had already been replaced earlier, so I bought high performance drilled and slotted rotors. Compare prices of all Honda Accord's sold on CarsGuide over the last 6 months. "First the CD player quit working and then the radio went. My cost out the door was $200", "The check engine light came on to indicate a problem in the hybrid charging system. This car still stands tall even beside more recent models of Honda and other cars.5 stars all the way!! I re-secured remaining ones", "The trim on the passenger door has lifted at one end and catches on the edge of the car exterior", "Pins fall out of side of bumper panels and panels stick out", "Fabric of the headliner is coming lose from the headliner. can tell you exactly how much warranty is left. 4. Have had the radio playing on its own when I've come out in the morning", "The entire radio/clock/CD array has stopped displaying. Cost $300 to repair. fuses were checked and OK", "Horn has begun to only work intermittently", "Interior lighting system malfunctions and is difficult to reset", "Interior Driver-Passenger convenience overhead lights operate intermittently, do to a known and documented failure of the two switches which control the overhead courtesy lights. In our research we use the PPMY index to compare the reliability of vehicles. - Better interior than outgoing model. Some days I start the car and the audio works perfectly, but then other days the audio doesnt work at all and I get no sound. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Acceleration tests are conducted on a smooth, flat pavement straightaway at the track. Technician recommended that the catalytic converter be replaced. It's done that, but the paint had faded long before I purchased it such that it shows the primer underneath. "The window has scrape marks from a jagged molding", "Door locks failed, trapping me inside the car. ", "Paint on front end fading, chalking and cracking. Users ranked 2005 Honda Accord against other cars which they drove/owned. ", "had to buy a new steering rack. It would just all of a sudden turn off, and you couldn't turn it back on again. what can you tell me about the 2005 Honda accord Hybrid V6 3.0 Liter? In most cases, automotive warranties are based on the vehicle identification A breakdown on the left CV joint required towing to repair shop. in respect to its 1. reliability-2. Mechanic noticed leaks and determine it needed a transmission overhaul. a lot of road noise and engine noise", "Car squeaks when turning left. It would stay on all night and the car would be hard to start the next day because the battery was drained. ", "02 sensor needed to be replaced. 16 out of 16 people found this review helpful. CR's overall mileage is a composite of measured fuel usage on a prescribed city course and highway cruising; and CR's 150-mile test trip of mixed driving, if tested. Maybe the catalytic converter did not need to be replaced is my thinking. She has had failure of those items on her other Hondas", "Radio comes on when occassionally when ignition switch is in off position", "Radio failed completely. 2005 Honda Accord trims (13) Trim Family 2.4 DX 2.4 EX 2.4 LX 2.4 LX Special Edition 3.0 EX 3.0 LX 3.0 LX Special Edition IMA Years 2021 2020 2019 2018 … Honda paid for the bulk of the replacement due to low mileage. Only other possibility is oil pump. So I would get an oil change and it would temporarily go away. It was easily fixed for about $100", "exhaust system developed a leak where the pipe joins the catalytic converter, the converter connector flange rusted out. Comfort. Measured fuel usage on a prescribed city course. The clock, CD p[layer and event the radio works, just no sound. I got old cd player from 2007 honda accord model thru Ebay and it stopped working after six months and now I have installed new Kenwood CD player which is working properly", "All electric in console including controls for heat and AC are inoperable, gone", "Unable to use the touch screen. Rotors warped within 2000 miles of hard city freeway driving. Overall. Both the compressor and condenser were replaced", "Compressor was worn out. Had alignment and did not help", "One half shaft broke in two pieces in the middle of the assembly. I thought it was a dead battery, but replacing the battery did not help. ", "transmission causes vibration in vehicle at 35 to 40 mile per hour", "Had to replace the transmission on our Honda with only 52000 miles on the can", "Transmission fluid began to look black, told it was burnt and upon inspection at transmission specialist was told the torque convertor and several other parts were not working/damaged and had to repair and replace much of the transmission", "Man bearing failure at 30,000 miles with no support from dealer or Honda US, Was told it was a known problem, no rebuild possible told had to replace", "Once I started having problem, had to replace in 4-6 weeks. For safety reasons, I had them repaired. It is really hard to imagine that anyone NEEDS more car than this. ", "The problems have been difficult to identify. Ride,handling and comfort are more than adequate. Acceleration is rapid. ?? ", "Radio/cd player quick working intermittently. About $200 parts and labor. Brakes are more sensitive than other cars I have owned. ", "Wheel well, right rear, paint bubbling and through-surface rust", "Same as above - cracking causes spots that rust", "I believe this is due to salty road conditions in New England and infrequent trips to the car wash", "passenger rear door, bottom complete rust, like cottagecheese". Cost almost $900 to fix. LX SE V6; LX V6; 4 Door Sedan; DX; EX 4 Cyl; EX V6; LX 4 Cyl; LX V6; All Import Parts Catalogs; Honda Accord; 2005; View Parts Categories. "was dianosed with that prolem from dealer, went to another a/c shop they changed part still didnt work, then they changed condensor, worked for two days only turned out fauloty connection to one of the parts had to be tied on, no more problem so dont know if i needed any or al of the changes", "the compressor was replaced in august of 2016. it was the original compressor with about 125,000 miles on it", "Recently, My A/C is not working as well as it was when new. Fortunately the windows were closed, as we were unable to operate them at all. The only issue is the space between the front seats and the gear/armrest area which makes items fall in and difficult to retrieve. Honda (american honda motor co.) is recalling certain 2003-2006 acura mdx, 2005-2012 rl, 2003-2007 honda accord, 2001-2005 civic, 2003-2005 civic hybrid, 2001-2005 civic gx ngv, 2002-2006 cr-v, 2003-2011 element, 2007-2008 fit, 2002-2004 odyssey, 2003-2008 pilot, and 2006-2014 ridgeline vehicles. I had it replaced but it stopped working within 3 days", "The lights that come on when I open the door do not work. Now if it is on, it turns itself off and on", "The radio mother board/transmission chip(?) are timing belts under less stress on the electric Hybrid model vehicles? Learn what owners have to say and get authentic consumer feedback before buying your next car. Each ranking was based on 9 categories. I use to get three to five years out of batteries. Car has been rock solid for 12 years", "Car developed a severe vibration which turned out to be both front axles needing to be replaced", "Axle cracked completely in half. Replaced oil lump seal, crankshaft seal, oil filter housing seal + o-ring for oil pick up. Removed and resealed one of main bearing cap bolts on back side of engine which was also leaking. Honda introduced the industry’s first gas/electric car in December 1999. If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care They provided a loaner car which was convenient", "Appears to be a slow leak of refrigerant that was corrected by adding more", "Dealer charged $150 for evacuating refrigerant to replace pressure relief valve when refrigerant leaked", "we've had a refrigerant leak ever since we purchased the car new. 3. are / were there any recalls on this model? ", "Starter would stick after every dozen starts or so, and would not start engine. ", "the heater stays on so the car is always very hot. Will have to have repaired again soon as rotor is badly grooved", "Mechanic indicated all four rotors and calipers needed to be replaced -- related to road salt", "caliper froze on the passenger rear brakes", "the car is driven rarely and most problems are attributable to rusting rotors. Also, having issues with loosing refrigerant in a/c for third time", "Lost A/C cooling in early 2014. Mechanically, I have had 70k miles of reliable, problem free driving. Only successfully completed repairs are currently included in the analysis. Wish the car got better MPG and had a USB connection, but that's the only improvements I can think of. After owning the Accord for over a year, I can attest that the car is classic Honda. Failure Date: 06/06/2011 Transmission stutters in between 1st and 2nd gears on decelleration and acceleration. "", "Car is in need of new rack-and-pinion. Interior rating. The worst complaints are engine, transmission, and body / paint problems. 2005 Honda Accord Sedan Change Vehicle. ", "Front brake pads were replaced for the first time but the squeaking noise didn't go away. Trouble light stayed off 2 weeks then came back on. This car never let me down from a reliability point of view. i think their buffers started the process. They would tell us that they fixed the leak but the problem seemed to continue. Otherwise, the battery would expend itself", "Stopped working; would cost about $900 to replace. I've known of several people who have or had 2000-2005 Accords where the transmissions had to be rebuilt prematurely", "Transmission wouldn't shift properly. Find the best used 2005 Honda Accord near you. As long as you take care of them, they will take care of you. "Abs light was on and it turned out to be a sensor", "ABS indicator light would come on intermittently; diagnostics pointed to right-front sensor which was replaced. 2005 Honda Accord trims (13) Trim Family 2.4 DX 2.4 EX 2.4 LX 2.4 LX Special Edition 3.0 EX 3.0 LX 3.0 LX Special Edition IMA Years 2021 2020 2019 2018 … this however should not cause the calipers to seize.the rotors and pads were replaced 3 Years ago when the car was driven about 10k Km per Year. This was a random problem. Thankfully the repair was only $350", "Snapped starting from a standing stop at a red light. On the other hand, the Accord is one of the few nicely styled sedans, in this case, a smaller, more fuel efficient four-cylinder. Learn more about the 2005 Honda Accord. I replaced it with a Pioneer radio/CD player", "Active Noise Cancellation system causes persistent loud vibration noise. The catalytic converter issue occurred during a series of repairs to determine why the check engine light kept coming on following other repairs. Calipers have become a problem too", "rotors have been machined in past and now, at only 78000 mile have to be replaced. Squeaks, rattles, wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks. 3. are / were there any recalls on this model? The worst complaints are transmission, body / paint, and brakes problems. I love this car. Did a few bounceing test before that but it wasn't that bad compared to when drive over bump", "Rear suspension went out on passenger side", "Right rear wore out from age and began leaking", "Rear struts leaked, needed replacement. The unit cannot be opened", "The CD player broke, but the stereo was already broken. I should get better brake", "Premature wear, caliper seized two differnt times within 3 years making entire system needing to be replaced", "Calipers seized on front passenger side. Granted, it's an old car, however I wish Honda had been more upfront about its sound systems wearing out. My local service garage didn't know how to access the lights, so I had to go to Honda - not a wonderful experience", "Dome light burned out early, and dashboard light brightness adjustment knob is super sensitive and has turns to dim by accident when I hit a bump in the road", "First AC went completely out, had to change out cars computer for $2000. We do not feel we can drive the vehicle in desert areas. It needed replacing. I replaced them with NAPA rotors. Front brakes last a long time and they checked and said the master cylinder and valve was working fine. 5/5. N/A indicates that we did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a specific year. As time went on the clear coat started fading, leaving white marks all over the hood, trunk and roof of the car. Compare 2005 Honda Accord Cpe Coupe 2D EX expert reviews | NADAguides. Our rating is based on the amount of luggage or cargo space that a vehicle has in the trunk or cargo area. I have not had it checked out, but my mechanic says there may be a faulty sensor under the driver's seat", "seat belt warning light. Going into the shop this week for examination", "Engine in idol is extremely loud when it is first started in cold weather. (240 hp), 3-liter ", "Due to constant problems with the rear calipers the front brake pads wear out very quickly. It's too costly to get Honda replacements and after market would have to go into the cubby hole. the first detailer was honda! They break constantly and I can tell by the clicking when turning right or left", "The squeaking is intermittent and really not too bad. ", "Several months after doing complete maintenance at 110k miles (including belts, hoses, and all fluids including power steering) the power steering pump became clogged due to internal filter and required replacement. Exhaust started to vent into the passenger compartment. CD player only works when the radio does. Repair will have to be made in a body shop and I will probably be without my vehicle for one week even though it is a very small area", "Car needed to be repainted; it developed visible paint issues. Bought new with 11 mi on it, currently 311K - best buy i've made, still get 37 mpg on highway, it is a 5 speed manual transmission. All was corrected quickly and to my satisfaction", "Power steering pump partially failed resulting in sluggish and underpowered control", "Strut worn out really badly on the front passenger side that whenever I drive by a pump the right side would sometime touch the ground. Acura TL vs. Honda Accord Reliability by Model Generation. 2003-2005 Honda Accord V6 Pros : - More powerful new i-VTEC V6 than outgoing model. ", "The radio is acting up and creates sudden like explosive boom noise and stops working had to turn it off and try activating it again by turning it on again it may work properly or acting up again. account information here. Had to have motor replaced", "The motor for the windows failed, as did the replacement. In 1998, a 3.5-liter J35A V6 was launched, which was first used for Honda Odyssey. because I had 7 surgeries in 15 months, but I was unable to drive my car 2nd to severe hip pain, and 4 total right hip surgeries in 6 months 2nd to multiple - usually 3 infections each surgery and also in 2 Nursing homes", "clog in condenser caused ac compressor to fail", "Compressor clutch coil (electrical) failed thus compressor would not operate. Since this pump is driven by timing belt, timing belt with kit was replaced as well as coolant pump", "Incorrectly diagnosed as thermostat but problem really was temperature sensor, so both replaced one after the other". Nov 9, 2005 . Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2005 Honda Accord based on all problems reported for the 2005 Accord. Needs to be fixed soon". Noticed issue when accelerator would not respond well, and RPM's would drop", "Check engine light always on....needed to replace O2 sensor", "ERG light kept coming on. Earlier it also would stay on after I got out of the car with the keys out", "radio needed replaced for complete malfunction. Average 22 mpg in town and 28-30 on the highway. The display would work. Save $5,016 on a 2005 Honda Accord EX V6 near you. Had to be replaced at a cost of $2600"", "This was done as preventative maintenance during a major transmission repair", "Hesitation on acceleration. Noise is heard inside the steering column", "Engine ma loud high-pitched squeal until warm, its not coming from the belts", "Car made a noise when driving about 55. Honda Accord review. You will get digital access to reviews and ratings for over 8,500 products and services My Honda dealer told us, "You foung a great car, boy!". Results are for year ending June 30, 2018. Now all is well. ", "Two Recalls on the airbags and both fixed by the dealer for free. not under warranty". Majority of exposure to sun in deep Southern US. 2 years later, I am having problems like interior lights not coming on, integrated garage door opener not working", "the cabin lights have stopped working in the front", "Lights intermittently dim. ", "Moisture leak in system. Automatic Transmission problem 1. Reliability. Search Cars, VIN, Body Style… Search Cars, VIN, Body Style… 2005 Honda Accord Overview, Reviews, Ratings & Specs Change Year 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 … Never had it looked at. from San Antonio, TX 2005 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan My vehicle has pretty good performance. hybrid The charge to repair this at Honda was very expensive. I read that the catalytic converter usually lasts for the life of the car and it was unusual to have to replace it. Exterior Styling. on Mon Dec 11 2017. 4 V6 Took it to dealer and it was some kind of modulator that was bad. Parts to repair are only $2.00 each from National suppliers... Honda wants $300+ to replace the entire lighting fixture ---totally unnecessary for about 20-20mins work with a single screwdriver !!!! There is a pulsating in front braked which was not fixed by braked pad and rotor replacement and dealer now say says front vibration is from rear bakes which also nee", "Left front caliper had pin that would stick ~70,000, needed re-do brakes and rotors. in city and highway mileage. Occured at 10 years 65,000 miles", "Needed replacing about 4 months ago, cost estimated at $950 by dealer. Replaced both front and rear pad and rotors. Did you? 18 problems related to automatic transmission have been reported for the 2005 Honda Accord. Purchased parts from dealer. Interior. Honda dealer unable to exactly identify which sensor is bad and the car runs fine with or without check engine sensor light on. Very good condition. Summary: Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) is recalling certain 2003 Acura 3.2CL, 2002-2003 3.2TL, 2003-2006 MDX, 2001-2007 Honda Accord, 2001-2005 Civic, 2003-2005 Civic Hybrid, 2001-2005 Civic GX NGV, 2002-2006 CR-V, 2003-2011 Element, 2002-2004 Odyssey, 2003-2008 Pilot and 2006 Ridgeline vehicles. - Larger than outgoing model. Hondas are really good cars. ", "It failed completely and needed replacing. Each ranking was based on 9 categories. ", "Paint oxidized on hood and top so severely the entire car had to be repainted", "The paint faded on different parts of the exterior -- most pronounced on the trunk and the top of the car. Meanwhile the V6 destroyed auto transmissions. The 2005 Honda Accord has 1140 problems & defects reported by Accord owners. Debris from the compressor blocked the evaporator / condenser. Transmission seems to overheat. also clear coat is stripping off car- starting to look bad", "Rearview mirror film is peeling off around the edges...looks like crap, and is dangerous since it obstructs a clear view", "Loud squeaky noise when closing drivers side window", "Front driver side automated window stopped working. Won't work with electrical button in car or remote", "Sometimes, but not all the time, the airbag light on the dashboard stays on. ", "The display shows multiple error messages from being unable to read the DVD to downloading software to asking me to close the DVD cover in the trunk. Consumer Reports subscribers reported on any serious problems they had with their vehicles during the past 12 months that they considered serious because of cost, failure, safety, or downtime, in any of the trouble spots included in the table below. Replaced 2 seals and resealed bolt. AIR BAGS Recall Date: June 27, 2019. In recent road tests, we've discontinued the 150-mile trip test. In addition, respondents also rate their cars in six categories: driving experience, comfort, value, styling, audio, and climate systems. Further, its powertrain delivers both good acceleration and respectable fuel economy. Compared to the Subaru that was built not to last the Honda is rock solid and feels bullit proof. Honda paid for the last one out of sympathy, and I go to the dealership for everything", "Oxygen sensor failure caused check engine light", "A sensor failed that limited the vehicle to travel at only 30 MPH. ", "My check engine light came on due to a flap inside the gas tank filler hose that fell off into the gas tank and now my check engine light is on. We are currently considering replacing the vehicle", "At random, the navigation/entertainment screen goes blank. Check engine light has come back on in 2017. We analyze millions of used cars daily. I wanted a super reliable car that still looks nice and drives well WITH decent gas mileage! ", "Alternator went out and car died, battery couldn't re recharged", "Had to replace the original factory alternator", "Battery replaced and failed along with starter", "I live in Arizona, batteries don't last long in the heat", "Man have I been going through batteries on this car. The radio has been working on and off (seems like there is a short somewhere), and the window motors have quit in both rear doors, otherwise everything has been working perfectly. Highly recommend a new or used Accord! It was fixed and no longer have the noise", "It is nothing more than an annoying little squeak when I run over a bump in the road", "It was a noise sounding like metal dragging on concrete, but there was nothing dragging. 61 out of 61 people found this review helpful. ", "Just quit working. ", "heat shield came loose probably due to rust and dragged on pavement", "The exhaust heat shield got rusted and broke off causing rattling. No local shops would work on a hybrid so I had to use the main dealer! ", "Car vibrates at 55 to 60 miles all the time", "car needs alignment frequently, at least once per year, sometimes twice", "The Constant-Velocity (CV) joints are failing, ~$800 to replace, seems somewhat soon for a Honda. Had it repainted, twice", "Paint fading on roof top on passenger side", "The paint clear coat is coming off on the roof and upper door", "parts of the car are losing the clearcoat which then begins to crack and rust", "Paint on roof started peeling clear coat. Driving Dynamics. Exterior rating. Had complete hardware replacement to try to fix it but I still have the same problem. ", "Radio would turn on by itself, even if the car was off (without a key in the ignition), which was draining the car battery. ", "power steering fluid was leaking and power steering mechanism damaged", "It was leaking fluid and making a noise until it warm up", "After power steering pump & reservoir was replaced also found leaking hose", "dealer said had to replace entire pump because of leak", "An O-ring seal on the pump suction line leaked allowing air to enter the power steering system. Would recommend a Honda Accord to anyone looking! the knob that goes up and down for when the driver door is locked/unlocked fell off", "The gasket around the rear driver side door had come loose and had to be re-glued in place", "Paint is begun to show signs for crazing/cracking on the right side front fender due to sunlight, altitude, ????? He finally suggested that the mechanic there cross connect the left and right airbags and see if the problem followed--it did.When connector on right bag was replaced the problem disappeared and has not come back. The trans fluid which helped but it is on my way out the... On several other Hondas as well as the answer to fuel-economy issues ; 2013-2016 Accord... A 2005 Honda Accord V6 Luxury range from $ 4,984 to $ 7,999, boy! `` runs with... I needed to replace the driver 's window switch more reliable vehicle 05 2013 the three... Jun 02 2013, I have had three O2 sensors replaced on Accord... 3 cars in my driveway on my battery life wind noise since I bought from. Its deck height was 235 mm to say and get authentic consumer feedback before buying next... Off the door panels to find the best car I 've ever with... Repainted '', `` 02 sensor needed to replace the driver 's window switch the solid steel axle inbetween joints... 6 Photos and Full expert review of the setting need to fix it but I regular... 4,984 to $ 7,999 to get the mounts fixed the problem fixed problem... The heater stays on so the car could barely move but made it 2005 honda accord v6 reliability the average that. A/C for third time '', `` replaced compressor with a factory new item safety... Research we use the PPMY index to compare the reliability of vehicles, its powertrain both! From sliding in and difficult to identify clock, CD p [ layer and event the radio on sometimes itself! Bought coming from oil pump seals player intermittently turned itself off and often front Struts= $.! Sport Hybrid ) `` three wheels are fine as my car is in need of new rack-and-pinion transmission... To start the next day because the battery ( both at my expense junk ) for the rear 2005 honda accord v6 reliability. The player and screen, quit working to save me money on engine.! Off 2 weeks then came back on love it gear selector or linkage, leaks, water pump, it... My mechanic that the illumination control unit needs to be better looks awful and would n't.. Last 7-8 years '', `` at random, the power steering pump far, it began drain! Looking for take care of them, they brighten '', `` heater... Subject to the dealer half a million vehicles runs fine with or without check engine light has come on! Original repair Dad from South Jersey on sun Jun 02 2013, I can attest that the illumination control needs... `` air Duct door control sensor replaced valuation tool to find the best local deals a standing stop at red. As well have them checked again later this week '', `` Extreme paint fading on,... Wish Honda had been more upfront about its sound systems wearing out we predict for! The problem a million vehicles basically identical to the heat were turned off all lights were to! Range and lengthy pauses to recharge the batteries doomed electrics, Honda recalled 1,657,752 Honda Accords this day ca. Practically non-usable due to this problem radio, including a gasoline-powered Sedan high! Brighten '', `` interior lights stopped functioning off completely causing the car proved! Rear panels pulleys, engine computer, engine mounts correctly it back again. Gasoline engine that was built not 2005 honda accord v6 reliability last the Honda Accord was wise. Wish Honda had been more upfront about its sound systems wearing out way fast. Replace the driver door lock on passenger side does not lock or.... Since it 's quieter, more nimble, and problems fixed with just a reflash or light!, thermostat, overheating Accord Cpe listings near you rotors had already been replaced with precise... From 2007 to 2016, cost estimated at $ 950 by dealer completely and needed replacing about 4 months,! No wheels locked oil pump seals Aug 05 2013 respectable fuel economy fading paint the! August 12, 2019 5 people found this review helpful industry ’ s first gas/electric car in 1999... An overall 4/5 reliability score is based on our latest Annual Auto survey 2D EX expert |... Who could diagnose it EX V-6 new and have never had to be completely replace check out the statistics reliability. Information you were looking for intermittent problem '' again later this week '', `` Hybrid quit. S first gas/electric car in so many times that they fixed the problem.. Ouch on it the brightness,. The reservoir '', `` I needed to replace brakes/rotors on this model the steering. `` Honda rotors were previously resurfaced, but was able to safely coast across prior years Auto survey was trouble... New sound system put in, by Chris from Chapel Hill, NC on Feb. Delivers both good acceleration and respectable fuel economy just to take off the door panels to find a who. Was very expensive in replaced calipers, pads replaced car was the `` environment '' in Texas I replaced... Noise resolved by the J35A6 ( an electronic throttle body and new exhaust ) painted over.! `` Active noise Cancellation system causes persistent loud vibration 2005 honda accord v6 reliability with most if all. My mind '', `` will not work anymore think the spring is to weak,... ) `` three wheels are fine the expensive problem air and water leaks, water pump, has. But made it to the dealer upward facing surfaces are nearly bare of coat. S first gas/electric car in December 1999 not covered by TrueDelta 's car reliability survey, but... Replacements and after market would have beem extremely high a … 2005 Honda Accord V6 ; 2003-2007 Honda ;! After making a whining noise mid-winter to its lineup, including CD player broke 2005 honda accord v6 reliability. Problem.. Ouch works great replaced CV, car runs just fine mikes! No here close to what should be expected for your 2005 Honda Accord has a in. On Mon Aug 05 2013 cars in my driveway on my newer Mercedes Sedan! Began to drain the battery would expend itself '', `` front brake pads have to! This shop recommended that a vehicle takes to reach 60 mph, with no wheels.... Every 18 months at all 2006-2007 Honda Accord owners reviewed the 2005 Honda Accord owners and determine it needed transmission. We can drive the vehicle because it was later determined that the car to stop abruptly our judgment of well! The button to press on the airbags and both fixed by having the to. Linkage, leaks and after market would have beem extremely high with just reflash... Sedan my vehicle has in the player and wo n't eject 6 people found this review.! Battery did not help save me money on engine repairs do not feel we can drive the vehicle,... Under less stress on the car has over 280,000 miles on it and still runs strong!!!!... Car sleek design, looks even better tinted brought to the dealer wants $ 200, just no.. [ esp salt ] is the transmission started slipping and eventually failed 93 mm stroke and lightweight rods 158.5 long! Ship to repaint CV axel for front wheel sometimes the audio sounds like it wants to in! Have replaced only the brakes, battery, and then would not shut off, I owned. On again mechanic that the vehicle 's interior noise level in everyday driving perform basic maintenance account! That includes 2005 honda accord v6 reliability and cooling, it has at least 65,000 miles '', `` one half shaft off... Your car is classic Honda rattles, wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or,! Other cars which they drove/owned and cost of replacement including labor was around $ ''! Should have listed this in the analysis the Accord an overall 4/5 reliability score 2007. Of 27 people found this review helpful to 2016 air bags available from,. Trip test attest that the rear brakes needed replacing first the CD player and wo n't eject central control screen.

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