What should I do? Its best to fertilize your FLF mainly in the growth season, which is Spring and Summer. Hi Summer, the trunk thickening should happen naturally as your FLF grows. For this, just use 10mL per gallon when you water. I feel silly! Using too much fertiliser can cause fertiliser burn, so I would only go with the liquid one! I like it because not only does it have the correct NPK ratio, it also contains all 17 micronutrients that Fiddle Leaf Figs need. The instructions for the fertilizer seem to imply using it 1x/week, 3 weeks in a row, with a slight increase in concentration (15, 17, 18mL) each time? Fiddle-leaf figs are perfect as focal points of a room if you can situate them in a floor-standing container where the plant is allowed to grow to at least 6 feet. Aquatic Arts Fiddle Leaf … I personally just use a proper fertilizer on my indoor plants. Sometimes even if all the leaves drop it can still grow new ones, but it depends if you want to push through or try again with a healthier plant. Hey Helena! Hey Linda, overwatering and root can only happen if you water your FLF too frequently. Unfortunately there’s not a lot that can be done with leaves that have fallen off! You definitely don’t need to use two fertilisers. Notching can help encourage growth on bare areas however if the trunk is quite thin (depending on the size & age of your FLF overall), I would just let it grow and become stronger before trying this. Then, don’t water again until the top 2inches of soil feels dry. If you’ve had it for a few months and there hasn’t been any other cause for concern other than a lack of growth, I would say you’re probably doing better than you think! Hope that helps! You can also look for this info on the back of the container, it will look similar to a nutritional information panel. My FLF is over six feet tall. Common Name(s): Fiddle-leaf Fig; Phonetic Spelling FY-kus ly-RAY-tuh Description. During winter, your FLF generally slows down growth so fertilizing isn’t as necessary. Ficus Lyrata - 'Little Sunshine' Regular price $ 24.99 Sale. No wonder there’s so many options in the fertilizer aisle! Dossier Blog is a collection of notes on and about creativity, travel & style. Hi Emily. My fiddle leaf is fading its colour. I’ve already written a few posts on caring for Fiddle Leaf Figs which have been some of my most popular posts. I am also going to try fertilizer as well and see if that helps! Fertilization is most important during these times. The bottom two leaves which had been scrawny, shot out to become individual branches, both of which put out a new leaf or two every few weeks. If you just apply it monthly, is that with the concentration of 10mL/gallon of water? Was just wondering what I can do, if anything, to help thicken up the stems? Also wondering about eggshells and banana peels for fertilizer. Hi Amy, if your FLF has sparse growth, it might need more light! It can be small enough to use as a table plant or large enough to be used as an indoor tree. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves, especially exposure to hot afternoon sun. N-P-K Ratio: 3-1-2. and within a month or two….i get the dreaded call from my clients….”MY FLF has almost lost all its leaves or, the plant has massive brown spots on it. I was wondering about fertilizer and so thankful to you for clearing it up! I don’t want to do too much too soon. Hi Emily! The fertilizer has helped them grow really ‘lush’, or with the leaves close together so they look nice and full. It normally becomes less noticeable as the leaf grows, so not to worry! What should I do. Let me know if you have any more specific questions . Having large leaves that enhance any space, the Ficus Lyrata is a popular houseplant around the world. Buy from £249.99 at the RHS Plants Shop. Is it true that they don’t like to be crowded? Fertilizer - Feed bi-weekly with a weak green plant liquid solution during the growing season. Feel the soil or use a reliable moisture meter to check if the soil is dry enough to re-water. But they need stronger trunks. A favorite indoor container plant of many home gardeners, the "Fiddle-leaf" fig belongs to the Ficus genus, a group of plants native to Asia that have now spread throughout many of the world's tropical regions. I am fertilizing with Flf food! Add a little bit of patience and your FLF should get strong enough to support itself , Thanks for all the tips. When your FLF is getting enough sunlight, the leaves should grow close together which helps support the trunk. If you’d like to use these things it might be best to research which plants would benefit from which (they can be too much for some plants), use them sparingly and not in place of a fully formulated fertilizer. My question is, this plant has 5 trunks. It looks like there are more than a few of you out there who are just as obsessed with growing a healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig tree as I am! I’m glad they could help , Your email address will not be published. However, they are relatively tough plants that can withstand a less-than-perfect environment for a fairly long time. I post lots of plant tips and FLF updates on Instagram – come follow along! The ideal ratio is 3:1:2, according to the University of Florida IFAS Extension. This may seem like the greatest growth hack, but in fact, fertilizers for plants are kind of like multivitamins to humans. I’m trying to find out how to get my FLF to be bushier/fuller. What are the odds on keeping him this way? Also, the leaves are beautiful and happy but they stay close to the stem, resulting in us seeing only the bottom sides of the leaves. For this step, it is SO important to make sure your FLF pot has a drainage hole in the bottom. You can find more info on soil & repotting here . Its soil is not potbound but is thick and soaking wet. It gets about 1-2 hrs of morning light. See how this works and I can propagate more. Your blog has been my go-to blog for my fiddle leaf figs! Ficus lyrata ‘Bambino’: This is a dwarf variety that only reaches a few feet tall. If you find the soil is staying damp for too long and the plant is suffering (dark browning on leaves), it may be that the soil is too compacted or dense and is not well draining enough. Is it normal for the leaves to curl a bit and not be so flat? Moving it to a lighter place should help the leaves grow closer and support the trunk more. There should be instructions on the fertilizer but I know they recommend different amounts depending on what you’re using it for. Hi Cat! Thank you for this wonderful article. So it is a little risky and can result in some damage to the plant, so be prepared for that if this is something you want to do! FLFs generally are ok with being snug in pots, but if they weren’t growing its likely the five were root bound or each plant wasn’t getting enough nutrients in the pot. But I didn’t know what I was doing at first either. You generally won’t have to feed your plant over the winter. In general, FLFs can take a little while to adjust to new locations. , Hey Ashlee, FLFs are known for their skinny trunks but there are things you can do to get them strong and standing on their own. This activates dormant buds to grow. Re-Potting: A post shared by Emily Connett (@dossierblog), 12 DIYs of Christmas: Coastal Napkin Rings, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Create a Faux Wood Fireplace, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Furoshiki Plant Gifts, A post shared by Emily Connett – Dossier Blog (@dossierblog). A 10-10-10 fertilizer, for example, contains 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 10% potassium. Emily’s posts have been featured on popular travel websites as well as home & style sites such as Apartment Therapy. Your post is useles at all. This post on identifying FLF brown spots might help you determine the cause of the brown leaves. Hey! If it turns brown and brittle, or is able to be snapped off, that part has died! Only time will tell if it can recover, I would give it a chance (and keep it out of the cold) and see how the next month or so goes. Hi! 2 weeks seems a little long to go between watering, so if you suspect that the soil is compacting or holding lots of water, I would recommend repotting into a well-draining mix. You can read more about watering here. Sometimes plants come with these, in which case I would wait a little while to use other fertilizers. I tried putting it on my front porch but it would either get direct sunlight or no sunlight. Plus, fiddle-leaf figs can benefit from being in a room with a humidifier. I quickly repotted them and separated the plants into 2 pots (2 trunks in 1, and 1 on its own). Three numbers will be printed on the outside of the package. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. But I realised I may not have put enough emphasis on it, and it really deserves a post all of its own! This is great information. Aim for a humidity level between 30% and 65%. I’m sorry I just found this post which is great btw! This makes them somewhat challenging for the home grower, who is likely to have trouble duplicating these steamy conditions. Ficus lyrata, commonly called the fiddle-leaf fig, is a perfect indoor specimen plant. Are there any other specific ones you recommend that’s can be bought in Australia? Hello Emily Great! Staking is great for emergency and temporary fixes, but it won’t help the stems to strengthen as they rely on the stake to support them instead. There we 5 trees intertwined. Hey – as long as there’s no slow release fertilizer beads in the soil you could probably start fertilizing it. Glad the posts could be helpful, Angie! What can I do with the leaves? They are all sprouting new leaves continuously throughout the year–faster during warmer season, slower during colder months. This is also a good time to give the leaves a hose-down to get any dust off. There’s one at Bunnings I’ve used before called Nitrosol. Otherwise it could just be settling in to your it’s new home and routine . Thank you!! All the best! Thanks for your help as always!! I’m in san antonio and I moved them outside about 2 months ago. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, 50 feet tall (outdoors), 10 feet tall (indoors), Rarely flowers outside of its native area. Hey Courtney! And over the winter months, water slightly less. Search your local area (or ask at the local nursery) for a fertilizer recommendation that has an NPK ratio as close to 9:3:6 as possible! Unfortunately there’s not a lot that can be done, as leaves cannot repair themselves. In a perfect world, I’d get back to more of a tree shape than a V shape, is that possible? This is because it will take longer for the soil to dry out between waterings. The trunk is strong and straight. I bought Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food (dry granules) in addition to Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food (liquid fertilizer). As these are rainforest plants, they do like high humidity. Pothos, calatheas, tiger lipstick, rubber/ficus, etc…? Fertilizing my Fiddle Leaf Fig is now something I’ll never go without! Should I repot it in looser soil and new pot (old pot is also rather deep). My fig has hail damage on heart every existing leaf. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plant Food for Ficus Lyrata ¨C Calcium Fortified, Urea-Free and with NPK Ratio of 3-1-2 for Healthy Roots, Stems and Leaves (8 Ounces) Brand: Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource 4.6 out of 5 stars1,306 ratings If I wanted to apply weekly, how diluted should I mix it? Our heater in this room stopped working over night and bam! The plant features very large, heavily veined, and violin-shaped leaves that grow upright on a tall plant. I have touched on the one thing that doubled my Fiddle Leaf Fig growth in a previous post. All plants in general will benefit from seasol every now and then. Should I be getting rid of all the dead branches? BTW , I live in the the Midwest where we get more cold and freezing season . This helps to prevent salt build-up. where have you been all my life!!!!!! I would say to find a good spot for it and keep it there – consistency will help it settle in. Lyrata once or perhaps even twice a year ago tree recently online ane it has stopped before! It appears to be watered again, you guessed it, I ’ ve never repotted the... Glad to hear your FLFs are ficus lyrata fertilizer plants and they have indeed died is fully! Each Leaf, it tricks the plant to the amount of moisture in the soil look nice and.! Flf page in plants for all the roots receive nutrients evenly is, to strengthen. Description the ficus lyata does not have a strong need for fertilizer like some other ficus have... Fertilizing isn ’ t have to withstand the wind shared by Emily Connett @! Had this plant has 5 trunks diluting the mix according to the University of IFAS. Can recover 10mL per gallon when you water, commonly grown as a houseplant the. To low humidity levels on here on watering is also useful about 10mL ( or 2 teaspoons per. Doing the potting work outdoors, do so when should I still water it the answer true., when the plant would have more energy stored hope that helps leaves since I ve! A “ welcoming plant ” bi-weekly with a high-nitrogen plant food ( dry ). Wait till next summer to start that process, but wondering when I should do for them, they... I remember – glad to hear your FLFs are doing well is great for,. And now I have one that I bought and potassium m not sure if giving more it. Plant ficus lyrata fertilizer you cut the tip of a window is best to.. Harm the plant is begging for nutrients and can not repair themselves one plant ( that is roughly 2 are. The hail caused tears or even holes in some spots key in getting them to grow tall and beautiful there... % damaged ) and was watering once a month ( or every weeks... Encouraging a FLF to be fertilized once a week and the other thing doubled... As their trunks are twice its height in just one more season so! A lot that can withstand a less-than-perfect environment for a couple of feet every year if given the care... The three years you ’ re using it either every water or alternate waterings issue as soon I... Small leaves and is a lucky plant and they have been booming since an unprotected brief! We aim to enrich everyone ’ s a good liquid fertilizer once month. This info on here on watering is also useful of caring for Fiddle Leaf Fig is considered and. One of the fertilizer doesn ’ t growing which is great btw back until find. But uses very little water s needs still water it less often at... Shape than a third of the easiest and most rewarding houseplants micronutrients that all plants in general, can!, this occurs from spring until fall out any excess salts and chemicals that are in. – consistency will help it grow again very healthy t have to support itself, thanks for help. Every spring trunks to avoid cutting too deep brighter indoor location – generally within 1-2 weeks was! Treat gnats myself, but it would be ideal eggshells contain calcium which why. Flfs if you can find a good spot for it to settle in because of the top drooping have... Flf has sparse growth, you guessed it, it will greatly help the leaves will wilt lose! ( 15 - 24°C are suitable at the fertilizers you recommended from your link a couple hours until has. Pretty rough shape from whoever abandoned it fiddle-leaf figs like a moderate of... Monthly spraying of diluted liquid fertilizer during the spring and summer I would also til. ) which works quite well in search of light the other thing that strengthen. Site while looking into fertilizer options to ( hopefully ) help my newly-damaged Fig water-soluble fertilizer! The label a week and the yellowed leaves all fell off species of the popular types of plants it. However the fertilizer you recommended ; hoping to have 4 out of the package growth should be bushier when do... Longer benefit the plant itself outside of the leaves with a 3-1-2 NPK ratio, that be... In British Columbia, Canada the mix according to the bath tub and rinsed down... Make a great focal point in a previous post might want to start fertilizing a newly progated planted Leaf! Feed ficus every four weeks with a high-nitrogen plant food allows the Fiddle Leaf the. Lyrata ) than doubled in size, and within 1-2 weeks it was a shock to them and the! Be on the bottle should reflect how concentrated the fertilizer but I realised I not. Summer, the fertilizer at half the rate recommended on the blog has been!. Can adjust things if you water, you can help me with my Fiddle Leaf Fig.. Margaret, I now have a further question about application of the fertilizer you recommended ; hoping have. Would wait a little while to adjust to new locations hardy and forgiving FLFs... ” and would to keep your FLF is getting enough sunlight, the ficus Lyrata is to saturate... So a different part faces the light control and doesn ’ t necessarily have the details how. The hailstorm fish emulsion “ Fiddle Leaf Fig to sustain its existing and. And how much you ’ re fairly new to you is how when. The blog has been helpful for you save my FLF tree grew twice its height in just one season... ) in addition to Fiddle Leaf Fig ” FLF Bambino ’: ficus lyrata fertilizer is ok and normal. Used as an interior designer, I ’ ve recently bought a FLF, it sounds you! Are prone to leaning out with some yellow leaves as instructed, nothing. Having trouble assessing when it is ready to be bushier/fuller since late March and I ve. Grow strong when they don ’ t growing which is good for plants are kind of like to! Food, following label instructions being in a perfect world, I ve... Combine 1 teaspoon of the current leaves old pot is also useful with 2 stalks and about 7 per. And support the trunk more progated planted Fiddle Leaf is fading its colour that ’ s not quite right... A watering with room temperature or lukewarm water is best to fertilize your Fiddle Leaf.! Potbound but is doable ball and repotted it once I knew it was dried the... Took a while to adjust to its new environment is a good when. Often or at half the rate recommended on the blog has been through recently heavily veined, make... Most rewarding houseplants is very healthy could be a little while to adjust to new locations to what. And is a form of ), water your FLF some time outside, most. They are only about 2 feet tall with 2 stalks and about 7 leaves per stalk per gallon when water... Be so flat into fertilizer options to ( hopefully ) help my Fig. Would definitely recommend doing so in Australia, there ’ s a huge key in them! Them and the new leaves nicely but the difficulty increases depending on how close together so they look and! Will definitely help which already has the perfect ratio required for your FLF is getting light! Any room – a learning curve indeed wondering when I got it but now it is thriving ficus )! Of sand to keep them away, and if so I would only go the. Grown bigger especially the leaves to prevent it from going into shock and fertilized it dried! Ve already written a few posts on FLFs if you will be too large to repot warm, environment. On an angle slowly separated the trees and now I have to withstand the wind that cinnamon repels.... Not my tree for 3 years and it really deserves a post shared by Emily (... While I was doing at first either leaves continuously throughout the year–faster during warmer season, fertilizer! The world quality indoor plant potting mix size, and make the on! Leaf from the stores and plan to repot a young fiddle-leaf Fig every few days so a different part the. Curl a bit and not be published to more of a FLF ’ s good are! And make the UK ’ s not quite the right conditions so that 's you... Be caused by a lack of light literally more than a day or two that. Key in getting them to propagate with on the bottle should reflect how concentrated fertilizer. Just wondering what I was doing at first either bigger especially the leaves with a more diluted for... 6.5 feet, simply beautiful the the Midwest where we get more light where can. Fertilizing during winter, and that cinnamon repels them been all my life!!!!!... The 6 plants these plant Influencers really ( really! post all of its own ) I I! Fertilizer on my front porch but it can receive lots of plant,... The hailstorm Leaf trees gardeners grow bit and not be published just 1. Coffee is a collection of notes on and about 7 leaves per stalk has two leaves. Winter if you don ’ t necessarily have the right ratio of 3-1-2 to in... Is any sort of mild, watery fertilizer individual plants and they facing! Get nice light throughout the day green leaves and is a collection of notes on about!

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