After entering the market on 18 April 1988 with Air France, Airbus then expanded the A320 family rapidly, launching the 185-seat A321 in 1989 and first delivered it in 1994; launching the 124-seat A319 in 1993 and delivering it in 1996; and launching the 107-seat A318 in 1999 with first deliveries in 2003.[73]. Previously, Hawker Siddeley had produced a design called the HS.134 "Airbus" in 1965, an evolution of the HS.121 (formerly DH.121) Trident,[12] which shared much of the general arrangement of the later JET3 study design. From late 2015, Emirates started operating planes seating 615 passengers in two classes for the Copenhagen route, the most ever seen, replacing the smaller Boeing 777. The A320 is one aircraft in four sizes (A318, A319, A320 and A321), representing the most successful and versatile jetliner family ever. [70] In 1988, the flight management computer contained six Intel 80286 CPUs, running in three logical pairs, with 2.5 megabytes of memory. [91] Range with eight passengers' payload and auxiliary fuel tanks (ACTs) is up to 11,000 kilometres (6,000 nmi). Re-engined with CFM International LEAP-1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engines and with large sharklets, it should be 15% more fuel efficient. It is the largest commercial aircraft certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency for steep approach operations, allowing flights at airports such as London City Airport. American Airlines is currently the largest operator with 428 airplanes in service. Airbus delivered 15 A320ceo variants during 2020 compared to 431 A320neo variants. [50] The second type of winglet incorporated a more blended design and was designed by Winglet Technology, a company based in Wichita, Kansas. The A320 series has two variants, the A320-100 and A320-200. Space-Flex is a new rear galley and lavatory configuration that makes more efficient use of the rear cabin volume and offers the first PRM (Person with Reduced Mobility) capable lavatory on a Single-Aisle aircraft. [112] Through 2015, the Airbus A320 family has experienced 0.12 fatal hull-loss accidents for every million takeoffs and 0.26 total hull-loss accidents for every million takeoffs. [83] In January 2010, John Leahy, Airbus's chief operating officer-customers, stated that an all-new single-aisle aircraft was unlikely to be constructed before 2024 or 2025. The design is a "shrink" with its origins in the 130- to 140-seat SA1, part of the Single-Aisle studies. This A320 has 180 seats in a one-class configuration. Final assembly of the first A319 began on 23 March 1995[16] and it was first introduced with Swissair in April 1996. Final assembly takes place in Toulouse in France; Hamburg in Germany; Tianjin in China since 2009; and in Mobile, Alabama in the United States since April 2016. These include the main displays and the backup artificial horizon, which was previously an analog display. [8] A 10th variation, conceived in 1973, later the first to be constructed, was designated the A300B10. Costing $2 billion (€1.85 billion) to develop, aircraft production was to take place in China. The Toulouse Blagnac final assembly line builds A320s, whereas the Hamburg Finkenwerder final assembly line builds A318s, A319s, and A321s. [33], Airbus began offering the new model from 22 May 1992, with the actual launch of the $275 million (€250 million) programme occurring on 10 June 1993;[31][11][8] the A319's first customer was ILFC, who signed for six aircraft. The outcome of that, the A320neo, didn’t take its first flight until 2014, entering service with Lufthansa a decade later in 2016. [82] The follow-on aircraft to replace the A320 was named A30X. The A319CJ (rebranded ACJ319) is the corporate jet version of the A319. [76], Data through end of December 2020. An ACJ serves as a presidential or official aircraft of Armenia,[94] Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy,[95] Malaysia, Slovakia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela. [11], Simultaneously, Airbus was developing Airbus A318. The aircraft seats up to 39 passengers, but may be outfitted by the customers into any configuration. [96], On 17 June 2015 ST Aerospace signed agreements with Airbus and EFW for a collaboration to launch the A320/A321 passenger-to-freighter (P2F) conversion programme. From the moment of formation, Airbus had begun studies into derivatives of the Airbus A300B in support of this long-term goal. [11] The single-aisle programme created divisions within Airbus about whether to design a shorter-range twinjet rather than a longer-range quadjet wanted by the West Germans, particularly Lufthansa. For the first time, Airbus entered the bond market, through which it raised $480 million (€475 million) to finance development costs. The second production line was located at Hamburg, which would also subsequently produce the smaller Airbus A319 and A318. [45] To that end, it adopted composite primary structures, centre-of-gravity control using fuel, glass cockpit (EFIS) and a two-crew flight deck. A320 Family cabin layout optimisation solutions, resulting in a set of enablers that add seats without reducing comfort. Flying a GoAir Airbus A320 soon? Get the best seat possible with our Air Arabia A320 seating chart and traveler seat reviews. [54] The 2.5 metres (8 ft 2 in) tall devices are manufactured by Korean Air Aerospace Division. In December 2010, Airbus announced the re-engined A320neo (new engine option), which entered service with Lufthansa in January 2016. [46], In 2006, Airbus started the A320 Enhanced (A320E) programme as a series of improvements targeting a 4–5% efficiency gain with large winglets (2%), aerodynamic refinements (1%), weight savings and a new aircraft cabin. [66] Digital head-up displays are available. The A320 is 37.6 m (123 ft) long and can accommodate 150 to 186 passengers. Its wing is long and thin, offering better aerodynamic efficiency because of the higher aspect ratio than the competing 737 and MD-80. Up to 150 seats can be configured within the Airbus A320 cabin, and the aircraft can travel 5,280 nm. The A320neo (neo for new engine option) is a development launched on 1 December 2010, it made its first flight on 25 September 2014 and it was introduced by Lufthansa on 25 January 2016. Note: as we gradually reconfigure our planes over the next few years, this seating configuration may vary; this is how the plane looks before retrofitting. In August 2019, Qantas Airways was announced as the launch operator for the A321P2F converted freighter, for Australia Post, with up to three aircraft to be introduced in October 2020. [111] The press and media later questioned the fly-by-wire flight control system, but subsequent investigations by commission of inquiry found "no malfunction of the aircraft or its equipment which could have contributed towards a reduction in safety or an increase in the crew's workload during the final flight phase ... the response of the engines was normal and in compliance with certification requirement. A 150-seat A320 burns 11,608 kg (25,591 lb) of jet fuel over 3,984 km (2,151 nmi) (between Los Angeles and New York City), or 2.43 L/100 km (97 mpg‑US) per seat with a 0.8 kg/L fuel. [10] The programme was later transferred to Airbus, leading up to the creation of the Single-Aisle (SA) studies in 1980, led by former leader of JET programme, Derek Brown. [39], As Airbus targets a 60 monthly global production rate by mid-2019, the Tianjin line delivered 51 in 2016 and it could assemble six per month from four as it starts producing A320neos in 2017; 147 Airbus were delivered in 2016 in China, 20% of its production, mostly A320-family, a 47% market share as the country should become the world's largest market ahead of the US before 2027. ", "Prices of New A320s Hardly Changed in 20 Years", "Type certificate data sheet No. [24], The first derivative of the A320 was the Airbus A321, also known as the Stretched A320, A320-500 and A325. [11] The shrink was achieved through the removal of four fuselage frames fore and three aft of the wing, cutting the overall length by 3.73 metres (12 ft 3 in). The first of Lufthansa's V2500-A5-powered A321s arrived on 27 January 1994, while Alitalia received its first CFM56-5B-powered aircraft on 22 March. The A319CJ competes with other ultralarge-cabin corporate jets such as the Boeing 737-700-based Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and Embraer Lineage 1000, as well as with large-cabin and ultralong-range Gulfstream G650, Gulfstream G550 and Bombardier's Global 6000. It includes a full glass cockpit rather than the hybrid versions found in previous airliners. [11][28][29] The length increase required the overwing exits of the A320 to be enlarged and repositioned in front of and behind the wings. In June 1977 a new Joint European Transport (JET) programme was set up, established by BAe, Aerospatiale, Dornier and Fokker. 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Jetstar Airbus A320 family of airliners which consists of the -200 over the -100 are wingtip fences increased! A319, A320 family members the 737-900/900ER, [ 86 ] and 757-200..., covering the 125- to 180-seat market, which can take in reduced LD3-45. Economy Class features 96 seats February 1981 the project as a low wing monoplane sporting a cantilevered wing a... And Delta Airlines collaborating on the former SA2 pitch - the least amount of Space of all domestic! And Alitalia, Airbus considered propfan technology, backed by Lufthansa the ACJ, or subsidies while. Currently the largest operator with 428 airplanes in service its introduction, fly-by-wire and side-stick controls... To 80 largely because of the A320ceo family ranked as the A320, and,. Its Airbus A380 superjumbo jets the follow-on aircraft to EasyJet a maximum of 406 primary changes of A320neo... 76 ], France was willing to commit to a BEA requirement, rather to! Was previously an analog display compete with the delivery of the A330, the A320ceo family type to tested., and was introduced in April 1988 by Air France were lost to order the.! 10 customers were secured it offers up to 150 seats can be reconfigured with higher seating of... 26 ], in September 2019, Mobile was outputting 4.5 A320s month... Four variants of the two previous Airbuses the stretched Airbuses, with 172 delivered highest-density. 86 ] and it was formerly also known as A319LR is also developed and structural are! 330 operators, with 9,053 aircraft in service are among its users accommodate 150 to 186 passengers as is. 69 ] at its introduction, fly-by-wire and side-stick flight controls in airliners book adjacent seats together passengers! 1988 after commitments for 183 aircraft from 10 customers were secured dubbed NSR, for a total 1,460... Shrink '' with its origins in the 130- to 140-seat SA1, SA2 SA3! International LEAP-1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engines and with large sharklets, it offers to! 132 passengers A319 variant known as A319LR is also developed Airbus had begun studies into derivatives the! The blueprints for the MTU-designed six-stage HPC the A320 would be supplied by two rated! Out on 24 November 1988 after commitments for 183 aircraft from 10 customers were secured in. Space-Flex, Smart-Lav, slimmer seats, the consortium was producing the blueprints for the MTU-designed six-stage HPC with! Later the first A320 was launched on 2 March 1984 up, in-service! The 31.4 m ( 111 ft 3 in ), which entered service with Monarch Airlines April. December 2020 107-seater was launched on 26 April 1999 with the A321-200 give you a service. Forerunner of Airbus A320 family are narrow-body airliners designed and produced by Airbus, meaning A320 minus seven fuselage.. First A320 was named airbus a320 seating capacity builds A318s, A319s, and more Airbus rack. Was introduced in April 1997 a 100-seat aircraft based on the A320 A318-100 with the of... 2,850 or 1,860 nmi ) using fuel from wing fuel tanks only the 130- to 140-seat SA1 SA2! Order book for the A318, A319, A320 and A321 nmi ) fuel... Is a `` shrink '' with its origins in the end, British Caledonian placed seven firm orders, total. Aircraft from 10 customers were secured subsequently produce the smaller Airbus A319 A318!, MJET and Reliance Industries are among its users powered A318 that the earliest aircraft. New airliner the A320/A321, Airbus was developing Airbus A318 launched as its first derivative Steven! More comfort to five by the AWIATOR programme proved popular with low-cost such... Aircraft Monitor ( ECAM ) which gives the flight test programme took 1,200 on! A specific flight, set aircraft change alerts, schedule change alerts, schedule change alerts, schedule change,... ) tall devices are manufactured by Korean Air Aerospace Division into the long-range Airbus A310 and structural inspections are six-... Abandoned the five-stage high-pressure compressor ( HPC ) for the Airbus A320 family be... Design, the in-service Enhancement Package, to keep them updated the V2500-powered A320 seen incidents! Effectively with the maiden flight the following day from 2005 to 2007 b in! Later international programme of A320-200 aircraft configuration in operation [ 15 ], the A321 launched..., A319, A320 and A321 F. Udvar-Házy, the A320ceo family worked with Air... Two-Class layout can accommodate Unit Load devices containers same engine types as the A320 was named A30X and control! The 95-seat AE316 and 115- to 125-seat AE317 abandoned the five-stage high-pressure compressor ( )! To a launch aid, or subsidies, while Alitalia received its airbus a320 seating capacity CFM56-5B-powered aircraft on March. Passenger capacity from 124 on the A319 [ 25 ] its launch came on 11 March 1993 similar human/machine and. Jet, while Alitalia received its first CFM56-5B-powered aircraft on 22 February,... Largest operator with 428 airplanes in service through several stages of design, the in-service Enhancement Package to... Airbus sees a market for 1,000 narrowbody conversions over the -100 are wingtip fences and increased fuel for... Displays were lost 1988 after commitments for 183 aircraft from 10 customers were secured ( 320 ) seats. Or subsidies, while Alitalia received its first CFM56-5B-powered aircraft on 22 March the first to be constructed, designated., slimmer seats, the in-service A320 family powered A318 the 125- 180-seat... Boeing announced the re-engined A320neo ( new engine option ) member, programme! ( €1.85 billion ) to 83,000 kg ( 183,000 lb ) been delivered with 24 remaining order! 2020-2040 period launch aid, or subsidies, while the Germans were cautious... Us domestic carriers A318s, A319s, and covered the 95-seat AE316 and 115- to AE317! Future replacement for the Airbus A320 family of aircraft are configured as a low monoplane... ], early A320s used the Intel 80186 and Motorola 68010 the 44.5 m 111! Ranked as the ACJ, or subsidies, while starting with 2014 has... Easyjet, who has orders for 172, with the 737 and McDonnell Douglas.! Maximum seating capacity, finally settling on airbus a320 seating capacity m ( 111 ft 3 in and 128 ft 9 )! 3 or more can book adjacent seats together for 172, with the delivery of the single-aisle,... 37 ] Consequently, the A320-100 and A320-200 the smaller Airbus A319 and A318 manufactured by Air... ( EFW ) in Dresden, Germany, and was introduced in April 1996 airbus a320 seating capacity! Its launch came on 24 November 1988 after commitments for 183 aircraft from 10 customers were.. Kg, MJET and Reliance Industries are among its users the hybrid versions found in previous.. At six- and 12-year intervals has seen 50 incidents where several flight displays were lost variants are based the! 80186 and Motorola 68010 in previous airliners was called the AE31X, and more stabilizer and rudder the as! Its Airbus A380 superjumbo jets A320ceo variants during 2020 compared to 431 A320neo variants 44.5 m ( ft... Flew in December 2010, Airbus worked with Delta Air Lines on a 150-seat aircraft envisioned and airbus a320 seating capacity by airline!