Make a payment on your Vital Statistics account . Box 2602, TYPES of vital statistics available in different countries: Demographic and Social Statistics Branch, Statistical Office of the United Nations. This guide … Certificates may also be ordered by phone. Vital statistics were no longer looked upon as a matter of importance for public health administrators alone. Birth Record Types Death Record Types Marriage/Divorce Record Types Birth Records Birth Certificates Long Form Birth Certificate. You may also obtain certified copies of marriage, birth or death certificates and military discharge documents recorded in Wake County. The Division of Vital Statistics , Mary Anne Freedman, Director, and James A. W eed, Deputy Director, managed the Vital Statistics Cooperative … The Acrobat Reader is free and can be downloaded to your computer by clicking on the button: Test of Significance: Type # 1. Vital rates, relative frequencies of vital occurrences that affect changes in the size and composition of a population. Research Genealogy using Wake County's Vital Records. Register your domestic partnership to get many of the same rights as married couples. All vital statistics are sensitive and highly personal. Fees and payments. It is against postal regulations to send cash for payments on certificates. The information on the certificates are provided by informants and clinicians; accuracy and completeness is dependent on the reporting parties. It authorized the Governor to appoint a State Registrar of Vital Statistics whose duties were to prepare and furnish to county recorders suitable forms and books for the registration of births and deaths and to file duplicate records … The types are: 1. These records may include the birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and death certificates. pl.n. Please make your cheque or money order payable to Government of Yukon. Ex~rience has shown the l'fIistration method to be the only reliable one to obtain a continuous and current rec