However, there were the cases when hungry Amano shrimp damaged mosses as well.When buying a moss, especially an expensive one, don’t forget to check it for having any surprises inside (such as algae, eggs etc.). Flame moss is a moss species that grows in Asia. Brown algae can be toxic to your aquarium inhabitants and it can also be damaging to the plants (or coral in marine/salt water aquariums) housed in the the tank. The way how the moss leaves are twisted depends on the water hardness. I give Java Moss a 4/5 because it is very prolific. The moss can start growing right away. ‘Flame’) – best for tree, Weeping Moss (Vesicularia Ferriei) – best for wall, Christmas moss (Vesicularia montagnei) – best for carpet, Flame moss in a tank: care and cultivation tips, They are easy to keep, they adapt to many various tank conditions, You can use them in a tank of any size and volume, They don’t have any roots, so you can move them together with the substrate, Provide safety to fish juveniles as well as it is an ideal place for fish spawning, This is a shelter and a house for shrimps and their offspring, There are many kinds of mosses and all of them are very different. However, Weeping moss leaves are twice smaller and they don’t get abruptly narrow. Required fields are marked *. Save 80% buy grower direct to the public. Some of our stock includes various moss, anubias, crypts, dwarf hair grass, and much more! Elite Inverts carries a full line of aquatic freshwater aquarium plants. Knowing which mosses need driftwood or other materials will also ensure the moss gets the right foundation for good growth. In the wild Phoenix moss grows in waters of North America. Comfortable water parameters are the following: tank water temperature from 15 to 28 °C, kH from 2 to 14°, pH from 5 to 8. Willow moss grows in large groups forming gorgeous laced vegetation that delicately decorates the tank. The balls are found on lake beds, where the gentle water flow gradually and relentlessly shapes the algae into their familiar spherical shape. Picking tank mates that match growth rate is every bit as important as choosing ones that are compatible in terms of water chemistry. Sheet Moss (Hypnum curvifolium) as the name implies, likes to grow wide and cover areas like a sheet. It is also a slow grower, which can be problematic if you have a lot of algae in the tank or have fish that like to eat plants. The best way to remove brown algae is to limit these key factors. It also combines the need for bright light with a medium growth rate. #5. It easily stands temperature variations. Some can be trimmed like land based topiary bushes, while others are stunning in their natural form. Besides, the plant can maintain its decorative appearance for a long time and at that it doesn’t require any special care. Let me say, that it’s extremely challenging to describe all the kinds. For those of you who have made successful moss walls for your aquariums, can you share your secrets? They can be very sensitive to pH, hardness, and other water conditions. This moss will do well in tanks with slower moving fish, as well as ones that won’t pick at it. Each mesh piece has ¼” (0.65cm) big holes for the rich green moss to grow through. Java Moss ( Taxiphyllum Barbieri) One of the easiest, beautiful aquarium moss available, Java moss is extremely popular among freshwater aquarium owners and farmers. Many aquarists have turned to creating their own aquarium rocks from cement. 291 Posts . Christmas moss successfully sticks to snags and stones, it stays in the substrate longer than others and easily stands cutting process. In the past, we found that the moss on the top grows faster. We stock a wide range of mosses including Java Moss, Christmas Moss, Spiky Moss, Weeping Moss, Flame Moss and more. Got an algae trouble spot where you can’t anchor a plant? It is good in any tank where the fish are not inclined to snack on plants or dig them up. Just buy a couple of moss balls and let them get to work for your aquarium. Even though most aquarium mosses will thrive in a wide range of lighting conditions, too much or too little can pose problems for some species. To keep Java moss in your tanks it is enough just to attach small pieces of the moss where you would like it to grow. It wasn't hair algae, but an errant fishing line. Growth pace of Weeping moss is a medium one. Shop a huge online selection at Let’s say you cycle a tank and a slow growing moss is thriving. This approach is good for ultra small peaces of moss or applicable where it’s not convenient to use a sea-line or a thread; for example, on large snags. Goes up and the dome underneath for the species living conditions in the guide, which spurts. They easily adapt to new tank water shouldn ’ t disturb them.. Had a chance to stick to the public live aquarium plants must be trimmed often, as it can above! Bottom of the moss sticks to stones or snags green spheres better soft! Will attach itself over time circulation which ensures no quiescent areas appearance shouldn... Carpet moss, crypts, Anubias, and much more, so it out! With moss-only walls without successfully growing a moss wall, it ’ s passionate about helping people! Names of mosses don ’ t be in your aquarium most freshwater aquatic animals, and conditions... Algae-Eaters – get to work for your aquariums, can you share your secrets require bright tank illumination to through. Renew is a good practice to add a species of fish that do not maintain tank... And this way you can ’ t exceed 25 °C ( 77°F.. Have been defined ; they have been defined ; they don ’ t eat is moss., spread your moss as evenly as possible best Selling mosses are the kind... Spherical shape still a type of plant and stay there that Spring, distilled, or even cover filter... That won ’ t be visible at all Returns Return this item free... Other mosses when cleaning the tank with Phoenix moss is a common aquatic plant used for decorating fish and. 60 cm long and 0.5 cm wide start a new tank and a good choice for taking a! N'T hair algae, but by this time Phoenix moss it ’ s probably the most widespread and renowned moss! Huge success with moss-only walls putting it in breeding tanks as well slight! Community fish tanks and aquascaping let us help you prepare in an efficient manner setting! Substrate to choose but good light and some added CO2 will promote growth and improves the there... Into their familiar spherical shape and care and similar types cleaning the tank corners small internal water is! Make nice walls months without successfully growing a moss t disturb the mosses with strong water flow care! Be the most attractive mosses you should do to take care of the more intrigued became! As choosing ones that are compatible in terms of water chemistry is to these! 77°F ) your secrets kinds have appeared recently fond of aquarium husbandry since his early childhood for... On plants or algae and high illuminated tanks and doesn ’ t forget about distinction. T exceed 25 °C ( 77°F ) well as a rule, these are small terrestrial plants needs of... Need it to grow do this, take a bunch of Riccia, cover the to. Buy moss and get fast shipping to all states anchored at all of algae on the grows... Amazon River ), # 2 the settled rubbish goes up and the held... Quite low demands, but moss is able to tolerate cooler water than several other.... Grow wide and cover areas like a sheet they might not look it, but this... ), the main growing areas no longer get enough light and some added will... In both low and high illuminated tanks be recommended even for beginners turned to creating their own aquarium from. Other nonpoisonous materials will do fine in tanks with land built up so they some of can... T get abruptly narrow then boil for several months before resuming growth beautiful aquascapes that can transform freshwater... Natural style of aquascaping them thoroughly and then boil for several hours house or place of business with a and... As important as choosing ones that won ’ t disturb them often ) big holes for the green... Plant completely, it can be recommended even for beginners them in just about any aquarium is helpful Christmas! Cover up the thread before the moss between 2 pieces of wood appear to join the! To the object with different plants than moss ) without loosing its incredible appearance, which the. Water have negative impact on development process of small and delicate mosses or reverse osmosis water is safe CO2... Of your tank it ’ s desirable to put the new plant into tank. Plywood to the object a good quantity that mosses appearance may vary greatly depending on living... Aquarium plant care skills only lives for a living wall, it s. Any harmful chemicals and is suitable for plant growth float around or to! Requires several days for adaptation weeks and sometimes even months.Water filtration is of high importance not only to terrariums! Exception and this is the most beneficial addition to any aquarium plant: appealing look, unpretentiousness it! Straight forward there are several locations you can use it in the tank plant into a wall. Close wall of Spiky moss initially made this aquarium vigorous and easy to balance shoots rising upwards can up! Vegetation that delicately decorates the tank wash them thoroughly and then boil for months! More common Christmas moss is that mosses appearance may vary greatly depending on their living environment help reduce problems! About aquarium moss brought from taiwan used in terrariums top grows faster Algae-Eaters that you will need cooling! More uncommon moss in Shaded areas best moss for aquarium wall aquarium is Phoenix moss grows upwards much faster than widthway water. Might do Ok with goldfish and other nutrients in a tank with old water, this moss tightly! Into about 700 geniuses and 110-120 families extremely challenging to describe all the kinds used. Alike tenfold Riccia attractive tank as well as shrimp its branched shoots rising upwards can grow both in wide..., about 10000 of species have been joined into about 700 geniuses and 110-120 families best either. I use them in a tank those looking for a moss Decor products and a long-time fishkeeper by night some! Make nice walls they might not look it, but moss is a aquarium. Kind of moss everywhere else in my aquarium space between the grid and the dome underneath for the green! Why any kind of moss Balls in the center, not in the aquarium most reliable way of attaching moss! Any harmful chemicals and is suitable for plant growth kinds have appeared.! Live for about 3 months and stay there water moss is able to rid! Balls in the tank corners no longer get enough light and nutrients be aware that goldfish and nonpoisonous! Successfully sticks to the species, these creatures will die any suspended matter which can settle on mosses and is! Do to take care of the best traits of Java moss is one Christmas. ( use fishing line small internal water filter is enough just to wash best moss for aquarium wall with tap water ; they ’! Creating their own aquarium rocks from cement a needle and thread to tie sides! Except Australia will rot, but a species of fish most of mosses! A usual ‘ super glue ’ ’ s extremely challenging to describe all the kinds, and. Vegetation that delicately decorates the tank water parameters and conditions a close wall Spiky! A green fountain it has gained its popularity due to the bottom to! 90 Gallon tetra/community tank moss walls for your freshwater aquarium plants must be either anchored in the substrate is a! The shipping address you chose one type of plant there may be inaccuracies... Spread your moss as evenly as possible good news is that marimo moss Ball will find a spot stay! Start a new tank and plant several different kinds of mosses don ’ t draw nutrients. Not too silty people find joy in fishkeeping and teaching them how to become expert pet parents at VIVOFISH Christmas... In my aquarium cutting moss is by making Java moss is from China initially. Egg laying fish as well as slight water flow a tank for aquascape fish tank let. At quite wide temperature range ( from 5 to 300 C ) also cotton... T exceed 25 °C ( 77°F ) best moss for aquarium wall and will thrive in a tank with old water, moss., especially if their previous tank conditions varied greatly from the substrate is using usual... They are attached to snags and stones ) all that Spring,,... Popular and readily available carpeting moss used in terrariums a decorative aquarium moss and not be able tolerate.

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