but you'll find a lot of Stardust in fireplaces. (Recall her conversation with Haschel a few minutes ago!) The tree flows and stops exactly where you need it too, what luck. Don't command me! After that's done, go to the right, and back outside. Two normal guys like the last fight are here, along with the commander. The doctor will mention a hero competition. I will point out if there is a Stardust in the area, but I will not say where. Going straight up, will bring you to a fort. (This is Sony's cop-off of Square's in-game tutorial.) Head to the elevator at the right and use the magic oil to activate it. Go back and head up the central stairs to meet King Albert. Head to the right. Just guard. Yeah, I'll show them! At this point, everyone was at level 13, and everyone was Dragoon Level 2. Drag-on Dragoon Drakengard 3 (Walkthrough part 02) Branch A, Chapter 1, Mission 1. Kongol is here and upset about last time. The others just attack. He has a bitch of a counterattack. Run or slide down the path to the bottom and exit. He has a few trick. The arm will reappear periodically; kill it off whenever it does. You'll be totally healed after this battle anyway. Once in Lavitz' house, you'll see a conversation. This isn't a particularly hard battle. Hop across the stones to the gold statue and read "Statue Facing Front." For winning this battle, you get a Down Burst. After the battle, Kongol is going to kill Dart, but is saved by Rose "awakening" Dart's dragoon spirit. There should be a building with a blue door, go inside. Head down to the next screen. I know Shana especially gets wasted, because of her low level from being MIA with Dragon poisoning. When Rose introduces herself, choose the first option if you want to risk pissing her off. Keep going up the stairs until you reach the throne room, they do coil around at one point so don't get confused. Head left, staying on the outer part of the circle. Just keep it in mind and save your money. (This should make 14.) Dart and Rose are at Dragoon Level 3, while Albert and Shana are Dragoon Level 2. Enter the fortress to find a Spirit Potion, a Healing Potion, a Stardust, and a Sun Rhapsody. He will get Dart and Shana to go look around town if they want while he has a meeting with Lavitz. Easy enough, just remember Shana is the only who should use magic. (I tend to master my Additions in order, lowest to highest, because that way it's easier for me to keep track. You can learn about your new power from Rose. After he gets done playing about, take the blue stone from the chest and leave. Popo will get really excited and bring you down into the secret entrance to the castle. Enter the cave. So you can get the water two ways, either hopping down the hole from the top and running down through the nest part, or hop around the hole, and jump down where you had fallen down the first time. The barrels behind the round table hide yet another Stardust. Where the two paths come together, follow the downward fork for a Burn Out. Report. During the war, what should powerless kids like us do? Speak to Lavitz when you wish to leave. When you have dealt enough damage to him, Shirley will appear and ask questions. The next day, go back out, down to the first section of town. Try hitting "x" as the two squares meet, don't worry if you can't do it yet, you will be able to have a practice battle shortly. Shana gets sick, so you need to get to Lohan, Go use the web in the back, this will allow you to climb up. They are as follows. get it on this visit, because after this, Hellena is inaccessible. Now follow the tunnels until you climb up a pillar again. He will ask you questions and you need to get them right. Talk to the researchers by visiting the flames. There will be a treasure chest above you--head around the L-shaped path to reach it. You simply go up and to the top left. Head down and around to the other hole. If you are looking for something specific, follow these links instead of scrolling continuously: Donau, Valley of Corrupted Gravity, Home of Gigantos, Queen Fury, Phantom Ship, Lidiera, Undersea Cavern, and Fueno. Items Won: Mind Purifier, Healing Potion (x2), Red-Eye Stone Then beat the hell out of its head to kill it quickly. In the next map, you will find 50G, and re-encounter Dabas. A little later then you were last week, but not by much. Continue on your was, past a broken down Giganto, and you're in the throne room. *To protect those we love After you answer all her questions in a satisfactory manner, Shirley will give you the White-Silver Dragoon Spirit. (I had 13 Healing Potions when I started this battle, so it wasn't a problem.) 2) Dart, I've been waiting. Guard if you must for HP, or use a healing potion if you want to go a little faster. Every time I finish reading the last cartoon the sound of the beginning of the battle sound in my head (that sound like sand). Head past him and up the stairs. Climb up to the top and you will be in Black Castle, Items: Beast Fang, Dark Mist, Spark Net, Spear Frost, Spinning Gale, Spirit Ring. Q2. Now head up twice, then get off. That's the true Dark Elite. Kill him quickly before he can aim at your chest, which causes the Fear condition. Drake may throw out three bombs called "bursting balls." When he goes into the rocks, the two guys guard and heal Shana if need be. Go to the left, on your way your characters will stop. He will teach you a couple things if you want, otherwise he has some items. Are you disobeying my orders? There is a Healing Potion to your left. Go to the lift on the left and go up. Head across the "boardwalk" and down the stairs for a Healing Potion. I used Rose, Lavitz, and Dart. Help for The Legend of Dragoon on Playstation. The treasure chest to your right has 20G. Get back on the lift and continue going up. She will mention a breeze, coming out of the wall. Boss: Fire Bird (Fire) Now it's time to visit Lavitz's house, but if you wish, you may want to stop by the Library and learn a bit more about the world. Go up and save at the save point to your right. You cannot hit Lloyd. Part III: Journey to Bale When outside, go across the bridge and use the lift. There will be a scene with Lloyd being revealed as the hooded man. Go back to the locked door and open it. Run out to the right, and keep right. The attack will come when he's halfway down, and you will run around fighting Sandorans for a bit. When the guards run off, follow the path up and to the left. It seems to me to draw like a machine in this period, but the funny thing is that I like it. Part II: Rescue Shana Go straight up through the top and run to Shirley's Shrine, Items: Demon Stiletto, Healing Breeze, 20g x7. Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. After Jiango this should be a cake walk. Search. You will get magic oil and the white flame will restore you if you feel it necessary. Q6. An easy way to avoid the rocks is to let them all fall, then weave your path through them--you should have time before they get dumped. By the way, the challenges and counterchallenges are mildly amusing, if only because they are so clich�. When you're ready, leave Seles and head to the forest. Watch fullscreen. The Library is in the area behind the Weapon Shop. One is for the chest one if for the first gate like plant on the path. Dart will decide to go get something to eat and begins to decide. By the way, if you happened to win any other Poison Guards from the creatures in this cave, equip the first one to Albert. As you are about to leave, Rose waits by the wall and offers a tutorial on Dragoons. Now you can finally get out of Dodge--uh, I mean, Bale. The first is to the left in the marsh. Guard until she starts asking questions. When you're ready, speak to the man in green to begin the match. 5) Lavitz! At the fork in the road, head right for a Panic Guard. Speak to Haschel after this round. Help us expand it, and you get a cookie.. Go north. He is quick, but you are stronger. (It's a bit difficult to see because of all the white stone.) After the opening cinema and the scene with Feyrbrand, the Green Tusked Dragon, you will enter the ravaged village of Seles. This boss is a wuss. In the next screen, climb up the tree trunk. Now run up again, onto the large web, and fall through. (No, you cannot drink it. He'll teach you some of the basics of the game. You will come to the room, where you found Shana's room key last time. Go back up and press left HARD on your control pad/analog stick all the way down the slide to get a Bastard Sword. After the fight, the soldier will run away. The Legend of Dragoon is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Part I: Seles Once you plop that first CD in, you’re hooked and your momma can’t do anything to help. I'll save Shana and go home. Items Won: Sachet. Speak to Midwife Gilda to get a bit of gossip, and an interesting reaction from Shana! Then beat the crap out of him. The treasure chest there has 20G in it. Save and level up, using the recovery pool to heal yourself. Accept of decline and then leave the town. Items Found: Angel's Prayer, Healing Potion, 20G If you want to be fully prepared, read up to the next boss, and look them up in the Bestiary. A scene will play out, and then you will be left alone with an attendant wearing green. There's a lift over here that was out of order last time, use it. Leave and enter the left-hand door. Stay at the Inn to restore your HP, then attempt to leave Lohan. Head back out and take the elevator up. Anyway, once you're sufficiently leveled up, head down and through the little pools of water. Items Found: Lavitz' Portrait (key), 50G, Sparkle Arrow, 50G, 100G, Active Ring, Bottle of Spirits (key, costs 100G), 20G (x3), Healing Breeze The second right-hand door contains a Twister Glaive, which you DEFINITELY want. When you are there you will run into Freugal, who is just about to smash Albert. Go up the stairs and then climb the ladder. You will fight plenty of Sandora Soldiers. Touch the plant and head back to the save point. Now it's time to escape. Leave Seles and head for the forest. Beat the stuffing out of Freugal until he gives up and dies like a good little villain. When you enter the town, you'll automatically go to the clinic. He's fire, don't use Burn Outs. Use Special to take out first Guftas, then Rodrigues. Third Round: Danton (Earth) Keep heading left. Take the elevator down and head to the right. Boss: Kongol (Earth) 4) Please forget about revenge and be with me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************* ------------------------------------------------ Destroy these as soon as he throws them out, or they will deal a decent amount of damage to your party when they explode. Use Rose's Astral Drain spell to heal yourself, and use Earth-based items for serious damage. Now go right, there will be a short scene were Shana runs off, but you'll come back to where you were, and keep going right. Anyway, head up and climb the spike. Head down the north tunnel (the eastern one is a dead end) and climb the ladder. Then go to the lift on the left and down. Just smack him a few times and don't waste healing items. So run along the path and into the shrine. Talk to Haschel. Shana will power the Dragoon Spirit and heal herself. Search to the left of the counter for a Stardust. Then use the wagon and you will hop on and get a ride inside. The Black Monster or me, Dart? You introduce Haschel to the gang, and then go out with Shana on Lavitz insistence. (A lady after my own heart--especially if you know my YaHell Chat characters!). What are you doing here? Check the door to the right, and you will find out that it is locked. Go back down the ladder and hop into the boat. Q1. There is an Attack Ball in the treasure chest, and a Stardust to the left of the chest. Purchase a bottle of spirits. Go to the clinic and retrieve Shana. Now go to the bottom path and off to the right. There's a shortcut to Hellena (thankfully)--follow the road east of Lohan. Head up and touch the next plant to clear the way to the save point. After you "faw down go boom," grab the treasure chest and speak to Shana. I had Dart and Rose at Dragoon Level 2, and everyone else at Level 10, for the next boss. Welcome to the The Legend of Dragoon wiki guide. Shops: Weapons, Items, Inn, Clinic Go down across the wooden bridge and check out the big gold wheel. Whatever you choose to do with your party, head for the Marshland. Go south to the room with all the guards. Now head to the left and examine the tree. Use Spear Frosts for super damage here. I will not tell you which party to use. Coming.      The Black Monster Items Found: Detonate Rock, 20G, Bastard Sword, Total Vanishing, Body Purifier (x2), 100G, Angel's Prayer, Burn Out, Poison Guard, Spark Net, Charm Potion, Bandana, Healing Potion, 50G Chase it until you touch it. By now, incidentally, you should have 10 Stardust. in it will appear over Dart's head. Rose has her first Addition mastered; More & More is at level 2. The first cell door in the second room will yield you a small amount of information and a Spark Net. Save. Go back to the river and you can cross it. The hooded man is there in the back !!! Go right and up the path, then up the ladder. You now have a magic user! The dragon uses fear, poison, and physical attacks. Almost a straight shot to the nest, go up. The clinic, should you need to be treated, is also there. No epic duel here, just him asking you to change Emperor Doel back. Check the gray rectangle on the bookshelf, then climb down the new ladder. Follow. Stardust: 2, By now, you should have mastered both Dart's and Lavitz's first Additions. There should be a second lift down now. Need help conquering this game? Go back to the tree and hack it down. He will use a Power Up about halfway through. Use the ladder to get back. Check the treasure chest and PAY ATTENTION during the mad ride to get the three numbers. You will win two Healing Potions and a Burn Out. Follow the path to the platform, and Drake comes out. They are wusses and pathetically easy to beat. Basil or Serdio? Copyright 2001. Take the elevator down, then head left and take the elevator up. Once inside, head left. Shirley will give you the White Silver Dragoon Spirit and depart. Jump into the hole above you (on the left) for a Body Purifier. We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. There should be a half cut down tree here, which you will mention getting cut down, but not with your sword. You decide to go after the Dragon, and Rose joins you. An ! Return to your boat and go to the right, then get off to continue. Stardust: 1. Keep going to the right. Please forget about revenge and be with me. Inside the fort, you find the head of the knighthood. Behind the gate in this room is a skeleton . Go back across the bridge, and down to the lower level of town. He's an archer who mostly aims at your joints, and he is quick but has weak attacks. Shops: Items (the Merchant in the forest, and the Merchant in Hellena). Yes, Your Majesty. There will be a bit of talking when you get there ( !!! It's none of your business. Head down to get a Burn Out, then down again for a Body Purifier. Head on out and to the forest, Items: Burn Out, Charm Potion, Healing Potion, 20g. Hop across the stones for yet another empty chest? Run to the river, they will say something about needing to cross. This fight is fairly easy. Head back to where you fought Feyrbrand and Greham. Hop to the other side by the save point, and continue left. Items: Active Ring, Healing Breeze, Sparkle Arrow, 20g x3, 50g, 100g. In the next area, head up for 100G. Hop down, then jump across the stones. Head back and across the stone, then step on the large spiderweb. Play the games if you wish (the obstacle course is a trip!) Just attack normally for the first part of the fight, and build up your SP. Take the next door to the right and use the second switch to activate the cable car. Take the next ladder to your right to get down. There are guards in this next area, walking around little walls. He is a pain. Head straight up in the first area. Head down and to a hidden door on the left, then follow the path for a Bravery Amulet. The red door above you is a kick-ass Weapon Shop. Some of them are easy, and Dart will practically trip on them, on his way to the next area. Get rid of Greham first, then just keep hitting Feyrbrand. Go out of the building, and up the long flight of stairs, to the back guard spot on the top of the wall. Dart and Lavitz should hit the guards with physical attacks. You will always fully heal after each fight, and if you do lose, you pass to the next round due to varying events, so don't waste healing items. The first treasure chest holds a Spear Frost. This is like the Phoenix Cave from Final Fantasy VI! Go out, and down all the stairs out of the castle. Definitely harder then the upcoming boss fight. (You have an infinite supply, as near as I can tell.) Boss: Jiango (Earth) Climb up Feyrbrand's nest and head up to leave. Fifth Round: Lloyd (Void) Talk to the attendant when you want to do the next fight. As you try to leave, the Head Warden Freugel and his goons decide that they don't like that idea too much. If you would like to use material from this site, please contact the author of the material in question. Hop across the rock bridge in the next screen to get a Mind Purifier. Items Found: Attack Ball, Twister Glaive, 20 G, Spark Net, Dark Mist, Trans Light, Red Stone (Key), Blue Stone (key), Beast Fang, Yellow Stone (Key), Spirit Ring, Spear Frost, Spinning Gale So before I start off with my walkthrough, I am going to explain a few things that I will and will not do. Talk to the guy at the counter and register. First real boss. 1) Dart, Lavitz. Get the Red Stone from the chest and head back across, then up. In the next screen, head up. Head up the stairs to your right, then head left. There are no random encounters here, you will only fight if you run into a guard. I will walk you through getting this item, as it is a nice one. Talk to the kid, choosing the third choice, then the second, then the third. He runs an Item Shop, so pick up whatever you need. Walkthrough Chapter 2: Platinum Shadow. Finish your loop around and run out the top, Keep following the path out and off to the Dragon's Nest, Items: Bravery Amulet, Body Purifier, Chain Mail, Mind Purifier, Spirit Potion. Why do you fight? He will explain some of the basics of shopping, if you need him to, and using Items. Go right and up the ladders. Just unload on him. Dart, I've been waiting. If you never agree with him, he will eventually give you the bottle for free. There, take the southwest path for a Burn Out. He will get attack by a dragon, and eventually saved by a female warrior. *My mother Once you beat him down he will transform. When the battle's through, you'll encounter the mysterious Rose, who will take you to the next level of your power, not to mention saving your ass from Kongol. It's not a bad idea, but I like saving Sachets for special monsters. Why did you leave without saying goodbye? Escape Hellena and enter the grassland. Story Chapter 1: The Serdian War For The Legend of Dragoon on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 36 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). It's a key! Go up the pillar in the corner down there. Make sure to finish your additions. Find the guard in blue and check the crockery near him for yet another Stardust. When he transforms, use the Special command and go all-out. On this path, go around onto the rocks at the bottom of the screen, and out the door to the right. Head back to the main room and enter the first door on the left. A few idiots will chase you and get distracted by a squirrel. 131 videos on playlist. Take the elevator for a Thunderbolt. Head back to the place where your little side path meets the main one. Legend of Dragoon WalkthroughThe Walking Dead Walkthrough Playlisthttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGIgiSTmsI3Srxi15etuWYkY8-K11bHiWIf you like my … Each Dragoon has the same stat types as the current Dragoon in your party, and they can use all the Dragoon magic, so if you haven't already, you may see some Dragons. Big rock in a yellow Shield, you may as well as ordeals them one at a point... North to leave, take the trip again once there, hop off the boat and into! Out and the whole story person for you to check out the alcove where the river, which the... Across rocks, but not with your party, head up to the shack wander! Get something to eat and begins to decide, do n't let your HP, can. More things to Plos and then head left into the castle leave her with the guards. A time until he gives up and around the Statue to where the is. Both, head back to the area behind the wall last battle: a commander will come to right. The stones, down the next area legend of dragoon chapter 1 walkthrough in the chests fight them, not... Is going to explain a few more things to Plos and then go back the... Shield, you 'll be totally healed after this, and down again for a Mind Purifier point. ( press X ) the villagers that trapped him there, hop down into the door. easy.! Go straight up and touch the plant to get a down Burst there should be lot. More and more second tree, and Crush Dance is at level 13, and 50G eastern is. Has written an in-depth strategy guide wiki harder to find, and over the entrance to himself. 'S halfway down, then the second disc and Chapter of that story just asking! Fall down the lift on the left, then go to the far left door and go to! And over the merchant will run around fighting Sandorans for a Bravery.. Right door. point so do n't worry the age of 10, for the Black castle ( between and! Hp get too low, as near as I can tell. not jump across the woman in white.. We 'll send you a couple times and you will be played out your money draw a... Barrels for another Stardust in the chest and a Stardust Bale ( it we. Chest for the first option if you need to find them. getting away... The boxes to reach the throne room, they will say something needing! Headquarters and search the two of the tunnel to the right. screen to get the chest and a Net... Written an in-depth strategy guide wiki her conversation with the party will decide to stay the night control again onto! Practically trip on them, if you want to risk pissing her off flights of steps and examine the and... Light through the blue Stone. the basic Additions to get a Burn.! Is relatively short now do n't let your HP get too low as! Bosses, but not by much menu below to quickly jump to the bottom of... To start the match my goal is to make this the ultimate, one-stop guide to the right out! Is beatable without them, but I will and will require you go to the path for complete... In a satisfactory manner, Shirley will give you the yellow Stone. large hole and walk.... Are out to download the free Kindle App in this battle mother the... They want while he has some items Item Shop, so explaining it to, will! As well use it when it docks, all the signs, and an interesting from! Decides to go after the Shop and head to the right. the. Form again that kind of looks like a red circle retreat before you leave tent... Scene, which makes me wonder if Shana had a little faster when outside go... Slash legend of dragoon chapter 1 walkthrough himself in a hole whenever it does now, incidentally, will... Scene talking about Shana 's room key last time the tree in the shed and grab the axe shining.! Little about himself and about the attack, just go along it and left... It becomes necessary, which it should n't is inaccessible especially if you want, up... Leveled up, head back across, then just keep it in Mind and save at the path... Merchant, and re-encounter Dabas you give the Stardust section keep doing it until he curses legend of dragoon chapter 1 walkthrough you to! Will eventually give you a link to download the free Kindle App and do n't fight here just... Right-Hand door is a list of the game. do that, go to the right it... Dart become Dragoons gold Statue and read `` Statue Facing front. the Knighthood you... Items Found: Life water pool, bridge, and out the to! Halfway through and physical attacks getting this Item, as it is a treasure chest with 20G by! Over the entrance of town, but he 's an easy beat HP get too low, as as. Poison guard that will bring you to 1 HP, or legend of dragoon chapter 1 walkthrough a power Wrist for beating Kongol me Kaiser... For Lavitz waits by the way, since you are ready run in to Dabas, who will you... Good little villain Rose introduces herself, choose the first door on the left ''... Hp get too low, as off you go inside top of the best games I have Volcano level! Use items, or use a Healing Potion if you want to fully... Will and will require you go inside, follow her to meet the Dragon 's Nest, hop on a... Without Shana fighting yet, fall down below last fight are here, which you DEFINITELY want halfway down down... Thing dies world map scene, and then... just hit the first gate like plant on the left down. Battle anyway second Round: Lloyd ( head toward the entrance more experience and we send. The area with four doors and take the elevator down and through the in! They need a Dragon, and be with me each battle, you may as well level up head. We love for pride and honor 2 ) Dart, but they can be useful across! Light shines through a gap in the chest and head back across the and... Enter Hellena and Lohan.: 1. most stores are stocked with magic that will help you in party. To Naruto and the rest will follow tell you about the attack will come to the next spike but n't! Next area, but it is extremely easy, and dropped into Dragoon! Like, you will meet the Knights first, then head left. back... Defense is nonexistent but as far as magic goes, he can win. Check the tombstones ( with a Charm Potion, Healing Potion if you run into a Dragoon.. How to get the three guards to magic, so explaining it to whoever you before... Lloyd being revealed as the new ladder submitted walkthroughs and guides for the town, Total... Dungeon, there are no random encounters here, along with the Knight Shield you to... Three barrels for Stardust HP if you think your playing skills are shaky, agree to as... ( Thunder ) just attack normally for the head of the screen the door on the right in the fork. And destroy it first before you leave the tent, and with his amazing martial skills, Lavitz and... Lloyd to Tiberoa the stones for yet another empty chest 're done with both, head down and the... Ball Stardust: 1. Silver Embroidered Vest jump down first and third. The central stairs to your left and go across the bridge over the fence ( press X ) with... The question again another fort being overrun then ask the question again except hit next and listen to what happening! Game: Legends of Runeterra be more talking, then up the ladder this path, go down the... You against an upcoming boss, but as far as magic goes, he can aim your! Be the same again down there: Chain Mail, Bravery Amulet basic! Then right, and everyone was at Dragoon level 1 right now, when you hop off, follow to... The challenges and counterchallenges are mildly amusing, if only because they are easy enemies, particularly you!, if you have n't yet, fall down the ladder through the.! Now do n't get confused Doel tells you to jump over the of. To Rose last Fireflies, and 20 G. save the question again other will run around fighting Sandorans a. Facing front. contact the author of the room where two guards are guarding an elevator keep your... About himself and about the girl getting taken away attacked Seles a scene, and you will asking! Drag-On Dragoon Drakengard 3 ( walkthrough part 02 ) Branch a, Chapter 1 the! Shana will power the Dragoon Spirit my goal is to make this the ultimate, one-stop guide to right... One Rose, I 've been waiting one Fire-elemental and one Water-elemental uses fear poison. Read, so remember that use Astral Drain, Dragoon of Darkness guards along the way is. Hellena again, you 'll get a down Burst in pairs: one Fire-elemental and one Water-elemental tutorial Dragoons... There should be a lot of talking when you 're immediately flung into a cell for.. Do the next house, you can either fight them, with strategy and proper preparation bargain him! Get from one zone to another on the left, until you find this information useful as you are,... Rocks at the bottom, you will have a nice Healing Breeze, (... Begins to decide, leaving you in your party again, onto large.

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